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"NEW YORK, MY VILLAGE touches on important political and social themes, but it's also at times rollickingly funny to accompany Ekong on his picaresque journey through New York. The book is full of colorful and observant portraits of New York City's neighborhoods, as well as mouthwatering descriptions of food. Anyone who has been involved in the publishing world will find the scenes of pitch meetings and awards dinners especially telling, but they're not the only ones who will appreciate Akpan's astute and self-aware novel." -- Norah Spiehl,
New York, My Village, by Uwem Akpan

Say You're One of Them, by Uwem Akpan
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Uwem Akpan was born in Ikot Akpan Eda in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. Uwem's short stories and autobiographical pieces have appeared in the special editions of The New Yorker, the Oprah magazine, Hekima Review, the Nigerian Guardian, America, etc. His first book, Say You're One of Them, was published in 2008 by Little, Brown, after a protracted auction. READ MORE...
Uwem Akpan
photo by Aaron Hayes

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